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Photo ID: UN2016-3

No information is known about this photo at this time. This photo isĀ 175mm x 125mm. (7in x 5in)

Photo ID: B7531-17

This photo has now been claimed. The woman in the photo is Maureen Mercer (nee McIvor). It was taken at the Hawke’s Bay Showgrounds. It has been claimed by Maureen’s granddaughter who says “My mum even remembers that nana’s dress… (READ MORE)

Photo ID: B4962-5

Looks like it could have beenĀ taken at the old Napier South Pond, on Battery Road. Where Princess Alexandra hospital was built and is now a retirement home.

Photo ID: P5566-13

The name on the envelope is Mr Boyland. K. The date was the 8th November 1965. Click on photo to see one more photo in this set.