Russell Spiller’s Photo and Negative Collection

Well, it’s been a long time since I was able to post any photos on here, and I apologise for the delay. It became very obvious, very quickly, that it was biting off more than we could chew.

So here is an update on the collection:

You may have seen on TV tonight – News Hub and Maori Television – that the collection has been loaned to the Knowledge Bank in Hastings. The wonderful people at the Knowledge Bank are going to do all the scanning and cataloguing work and have bought a special machine from overseas for the task. They estimate it could take about 18 years!! We estimate that there are approx a million photos in negative form, so it’s a huge, huge task and one that we could not continue to keep up with at home, no matter how much we wanted to.

These photos will be available to people from the Knowledge Bank in time, (hopefully not the whole 18 years), so do not give up hope of obtaining copies. They run on volunteers so if you want them faster, get along there and offer to help šŸ™‚

A few weeks ago we lost Mum as well, so the clearing up at Kennedy Road continues. Who knows what else we may find.

If you missed the news tonight, you can catch it On Demand online, and the Hawke’s Bay Today are also planning on publishing something, but I’m not sure when.

We will try and keep you all up to date with any news we receive on the progress of the work.


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